Monday, August 6, 2012

The PlugWiz EVInformation Tool Beta Test

Welcome to the PlugWiz beta test. The tool below has been designed to help you estimate the costs and benefits of owning an EV. We know purchasing a new car is a big decision and this tool will only present the facts based off of your vehicle and utility selection.

If we don’t yet have your utility info, we will soon as we are updating and refining the tool daily. If you don’t see your utility listed, let us know and we'll get on it. Also, please help us refine this tool so that it brings the most value to you.

As an early user, your feedback is extremely valuable to help improve and bring the tool to the masses to help everyone and anyone make an informed decision about owning and driving an EV.

Thanks for your time and please complete the survey at the end of the tool and/or leave a comment to help us refine the tool for the growing EV community. Leave us your email and we'll keep you updated on our progress.

Thank you,

The PlugWiz Team

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