Monday, October 15, 2012

Sick of High Gas Prices? 3 Steps To Decide If An Electric Vehicle Is Right For You

Given the gas price spikes in California and uncomfortably high prices elsewhere, many people are considering all electric or plug-in hybrid electric cars more than ever.

There is an awful lot of info all around the web on EVs, costs, requirements and capabilities and sometimes that info is outright awful and even outdated or misinformed! PlugWiz hopes to “Make Cents of Clean Technology” and provide simple and actionable information to help your decision to use or not to use clean technology.

In researching various checklists from utilities, automakers and others, and through discussions with a few of our friends with EVs, we have come up with the following checklist for those considering an electric vehicle:

1. Determine Your Lifestyle & Charging Needs

Does your daily driving exceed the range of the EV. If so will you be able to charge elsewhere, like at work? Will you have a gas tank back-up (plug-in hybrid) if you need extra range quickly? Do you have another car for longer trips if needed?

2. Check Out The PlugWiz EV Tool (beta) & Compare EV Fuel Costs To Your Current Car

You may even find money saving rate options from your utility. Also note the state and federal incentives for the car you are researching.

3. Consider a test drive or use an EV through a car sharing service
As with any other car, you'll of course want to take one for a spin!

Let us know what you decided and why!!

Special thanks to John Addison, editor of, for his input to this post.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The PlugWiz "explainer video" is complete! 
Let us know what you think!